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Tax Attorney Services Offering Simpler Tax Resolution

Tax Attorney Services is offered by many individuals and companies. Tax attorneys are attorneys that specialize in planning, advising and representing individuals and companies in matters related to taxes. Tax attorneys have the knowledge to advise and represent the client in matters related to federal tax laws, including: filing of federal income taxes, refund claims on federal tax payments, interstate tax disputes, and collection of back taxes from taxpayers. Tax attorneys also provide legal advice and assistance to business owners, self-employed individuals, and people with serious tax problems. Tax attorneys may appear as a lawyer or a representative of a tax firm, privately or publicly. They can be found through telephone directories, the Internet, and references found in phone books, business publications and on IRS web sites.



Tax attorneys have a specific area of expertise, and most specialize in one or two areas. For example, there are tax attorneys that focus on issues associated with wage and salaried employees, including tips on tax treatment of tipped employees, and tax issues concerning non-cashing wages. Tax attorneys also can specialize, such as in child tax issues, estate tax, and charitable donations.


Tax attorneys offer their services directly to individuals and companies, or they may work through a tax law firm. Attorneys who work through a tax law firm are not considered self-employed attorneys, because they are limited to the firm’s area of practice. However, it is possible for a person to find both public and private tax issues through this type of law firm. Tax issues that require personal knowledge, such as tax debt, criminal records, bankruptcies, property liens and trust issues, are all handled through tax attorneys.


A Tax Attorney Service is often referred to as a “Pro bono” service, which means that they do free work for tax issues that are not considered criminal tax issues. For example, they may represent a client that is faced with civil tax debt, such as a tax lien or back taxes. They also represent clients who are faced with criminal tax issues, including evidence for the prosecution in a criminal court of law. In some situations, tax attorneys may even take on a case where they can obtain a tax relief for their client, as well.


Tax law firms provide tax relief services in a variety of areas. Tax attorneys can help those who are behind on their taxes, or who owe a penalty or interest and are unable to pay the money they owe to the IRS in full. They may also provide legal representation for people who are facing criminal charges for tax evasion, fraud, tax liens, bankruptcy, or other criminal tax issues. If you face one of these issues, you should contact a Tax Attorney Service that can give you expert legal advice and assistance. A tax attorney can also make sure that your IRS problems are resolved in a timely manner, either by settling with the IRS or by going to trial.


Tax attorneys can also help individuals or businesses to register as enrolled agents to file federal tax returns or state tax returns. Enrolled agents are legally allowed to work on behalf of clients to settle tax issues. Many tax attorneys offer this type of tax resolution service, and many enrolled agents have their own private practice. Taxation is a serious matter, so it is important that you choose an experienced attorney to represent your interests.