Who are the Jedi really. Let’s analyze.

Always hated the Jedi in "Star Wars" are presented as a positive force. It's time to dot the i: - Republic was a republic only in words. In fact, it was a feudal military dictatorship. Senate because

6 November 2015

Online map created roadblocks “dissent” Donbass: ask everyone to share information and coordinate

Online created an online map, which is asked to put data on checkpoints and points-based terrorists. According Tsenzor.NET about it on his Facebook page wrote journalist Roman Burco. "Dear friends

14 May 2014

Skorpom.ru - Metropolitan Ambulance station chose the wrong web address

Today, Russian bloggers are actively debating site ambulance and emergency medical care to them. A. Puchkov Moscow City. In his address clearly laid hidden meaning: if you read Skorpom.ru without a

30 January 2011

Greek anarchists “peacefully” took television and live presented their views on events in the country

In the Greek city of Patras, the third largest in the country after Athens and …

12 December 2008

Crisis? Direct photo report from New York

Being in these difficult days in the center of events, assumed the role of correspondent …

16 October 2008

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