(Harmful) In Iraq, insurgents staged IG public flogging for the use of the dollar

Militants "Islamic State" (IG, banned in Russia) staged in Mosul Iraqi public flogging traders demanded to make payments in US dollars instead of local currency -dinare reports ABNA News. About 90

13 January 2016

The Pentagon can not find the 8.7 billion dollars allocated for Iraq

The Pentagon can not find the 8.7 billion dollars of which were to go to the reconstruction of Iraq, writes The Los Angeles Times, based on data recently released audit. These funds were allocated

27 July 2010

The head of British intelligence accused Russia that it prevented a peaceful solution in Iraq

The head of British intelligence, John RHCS (John Sawers) said that a peaceful solution to the Iraqi conflict that led ultimately to intervene militarily in Iraq, has prevented Russia.

The statement

11 December 2009

“I would have invaded Iraq, even if it did not exist” or Bush жжот.

During his presidency, President George W. Bush has given many reasons to journalists and ordinary …

8 December 2008

How to spend $ 1 000 000 000 000 and not go to war in Iraq

51-year-old American advertising agency creative director and a former radio announcer Rob Simpson released a …

27 October 2008

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