(Harmful) In Iraq, insurgents staged IG public flogging for the use of the dollar

Militants "Islamic State" (IG, banned in Russia) staged in Mosul Iraqi public flogging traders demanded to make payments in US dollars instead of local currency -dinare reports ABNA News. About 90

13 January 2016

“Caring for the environment” (US told why refused to bomb the oil base IG)

The White House refused to bomb oil installations controlled by Russian terrorists from the outlawed group "Islamic State" in order not to harm the environment. This was stated by former CIA Director

26 November 2015

Poroshenko warned Europe about the threat of Russian invasion

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the meeting of the Council for National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) said that his country and a number of European states should not expect soon quiet

22 September 2015

Freedom House: Estonia and Ukraine - the most democratic country

"Rating of democracy" by Freedom House ignored the well-known and obvious to all negative facts about the situation with freedom of speech, mass statelessness, discrimination against minorities and

24 August 2015

Administration Poroshenko Yanukovych could go back and prove his innocence

The administration of the President of Ukraine said that the former head of state Viktor Yanukovych could be back in the country and in court to prove their case The statement was the deputy head of

24 June 2015

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