May 19 at the Manege Square police catching hens

On the morning of May 19 police officers and "Gormost" caught with chickens that ran on Manezh Square. According to the media said that the chicken had escaped when they were taken for the stock

20 May 2016

Klitschko on the way to work fell from the bike and flew over the handlebars

Cyclists say that the capital is not adapted for such transport, but praised the mayor for having decided to replace all cars on elektrobayk Skating Mayor Vitali Klitschko on a bicycle in the city

21 April 2016

Friday: Deputy Saakashvili will go on trial for the penises of the Ukrainian flag

In Ukraine, the scandal broke out due to "creative" image of the national flag, which has become a symbol of action "against ArtRevolyutsiya litseMeriya". Source: And about. deputy governor

15 April 2016

Russian gays plan out their activities in the 100 years before (The following year, sexual minorities hold a rally on the day of presidential elections)

Organizers of the gay parade in Moscow on August 23 advised the Metropolitan Municipality of scheduled in the next hundred years, promotions, the website GayRussia.

In the Moscow city government and

23 August 2011

In Vilnius, improperly parked cars mayor pushes an armored personnel carrier

In Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas Mayor gave a demonstrative action, moving armored personnel carrier parked in bike lane Mercedes. “I know how to drive armored vehicles. And it is my desire to draw

2 August 2011

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