Reports technical support staff on the appeals of customers

Recently, the technical director of the company where he works Dudley H., found a surprising revelation: the technical support should never need arise. If a customer brings a question to one of their products, then the problem is probably in the product. Perhaps, UI indistinct. Perhaps, there is little documentation. Or instructions confusing. Whatever the reason, every problem a client means that someone - the developer, tester or a member of Help Desk - poorly done his job, and should try to improve their part.

Naturally, most of the Help Desk lobbied against the testimony of those. Director of the counterargument, that most people just lazy, stupid or lazy and stupid, and no amount of improvements that will not change. Not that their protest on anything … those affected. Director has developed and adopted a new rule under which all client matters should draw up a report "problem / improvement", and all reports should be sent up. As an exemplary employees, Dudley and his colleagues from the Help Desk technicians sat down to write these reports.

APPEAL # 88274
Question of the client:
"In your campaign ktonnes vasche tried to read any inkrusttsiyu
Well, you do so give vasche ETOGES laughter even after 7 years I РЖУ
exactly as you umurdilis Well as you understand me! "

Problematic points:
We have not provided the client version of the guide on a distorted version
without punctuation.

Objective improvement:
Many companies completely miss segment with distorted language
without punctuation, and we - some of them. It is important not to forget that not everyone
client understands the "Click" Send "button to save the changes, there
those who understand only "zhmakni square atprait shoby SAHRANIT Th navvodil
Well, you understand. "

21 September 2009 | company, customer, director, need, officer, report, support, treatment

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