Skinned Putin was arrested in the US for refusing to obey police

Namesake of the Russian president’s West Palm Beach was arrested after complaints from store employees.


In the US state of Florida black man by the name of Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) were charged with illegal entry into the territory of the store, and refusal to submit to the requirements of a police officer.

Namesake of the Russian leader from West Palm Beach was arrested in Publix supermarket. Store employees complained that he shouted at them, and when the man tried to bring managers from the supermarket, he resisted.

After that, the offender also refused to comply with the requirements of the police arrived. As a result, he was detained, said CBS12 channel.

It is noted that the incident occurred on August 21st. Today, August 30, it became known that he had been arrested by the court.


31 August 2016

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