Comrade Moskal, Ukraine jokes are not rocks - Peter Poroshenko

Ukraine strengthens its defenses, and the Ukrainian people are ready to continue the struggle for their independence and the restoration of the territorial integrity, the President said Petro Poroshenko during his speech at the parade on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.
“That will show the parade Society sees his new army for two years created almost from scratch Society is satisfied that the armed forces year after year, getting stronger, and the security of the state -. Amplified power this parade of reports where the money goes.”, - Said the Head state.
“Finally, our parade - and this is a signal to the enemy: the Ukrainians are ready to seriously and continue to fight for its independence and therefore the aggressor better remember the wise counsel of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.” Comrade Moskal, Ukraine jokes does not rock “, - added the President.
According to Poroshenko, such a demonstration of the power of the updated army would “soldiers and officers again, not only to feel its responsibility to society, but also his respect and honor to their defenders.”
The president said that over the years 2014-2016 to protect the territorial integrity of the motherland have become almost 300 thousand brave soldiers, including volunteers, mobilized, and now - contractors.
The Head of State stressed that it was due to the increase of the contact part in the Ukrainian army managed to avoid declaring the next wave of mobilization. “This year my priority was the creation of a professional, volunteer army. On average, each month in the Armed Forces of the series joins up to six thousand soldiers under contract. In total since January, the army came more than 46 thousand by the end of the year we expect even more 20 . The vast majority of them enter into long-term agreements As of today, 75% of the Ukrainian army is a contract “, -. Poroshenko stated.
According to him, as is the formation of a military reserve, which now stands at more than 80 thousand men and women - “a well-trained soldiers with great military experience.”
In addition, the established routine supply troops with the latest, upgraded and repaired weapons and military equipment, said the President. “Yes, our wants and needs do not always coincide with our opportunities between what should be and what we can afford -. The distance is still a large enough We need another few years and tens of billions of hryvnia to sleep, but real progress.. in strengthening the defense capability of the state you see right now, “- he said.
The Head of State reiterated that the restoration of the army and defense of the whole country has been made possible thanks to the support of society. “Our army -. Really popular that you, dear Ukrainians, taxpayers have bought or restored to the army tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, the anti-aircraft missiles and multiple rocket launchers It volunteers the first to come to the aid of the army.” - Peter said, Poroshenko.
Now Ukraine is able to protect themselves, but continue to need international support, the President said. He also stressed that it is the Armed Forces provide an opportunity to fight on the other - the diplomatic front.

24 August 2016

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