Ministry of Culture has supported the film scenario Zadornov, where he will play the US president

Painting “Once in America, or …” tells the story of an attempt to conquer the US oil-rich country of the Anunnaki, which come to the aid of Russian.
Ministry of Culture has decided to support the film “Once in America, or …”, which will remove the script humorist Mikhail Zadornov director Dmitry Panchenko. As the filmmakers say this is a romantic comedy that takes place in the fictional Eastern country Anunnaki.

This mikrostrana, lost somewhere in Central America, at first glance in terms of development closes the list of banana republics. But at the same time the cost of the Prince of entertainment more than impressive. MakBukk - a fan of football, and which only cost performances as world championships, in which his team consistently wins. MakBukk not think where the money come from, but this secret is revealed soon. Before his death, his father tells him that the Anunnaki have oil. And only the prince understand why in his small country so much interested in the United States.

The US president, played by Mikhail Zadornov, decides to use the change of power in the Anunnaki, to once and for all is peace and democracy. But when numerous attempts to arrange a color revolution fail in the Anunnaki sent military special forces. And it would come to an end MakBukku and his country, if not new acquaintances Prince. Disgraced tycoon Arhipych, who took refuge here after the failure of the elections in Russia, caused from Siberia fellow hunters, as well as a member of girl band the song, which turned out here on tour, helping MakBukku.

Prior to this, only the Zadornov filmed documentaries. He made a screenwriter paintings “Arch. Standing in the Sun”, “Rurik. Lost Story” and “Prophetic Oleg. Newfound profit.”


10 August 2016

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