In Ulyanovsk, the driver “Gazelle” was accused of driving at a speed of 233 km / h

In Ulyanovsk driver “Gazelle” tried to impose a fine for driving with the speed of a racing car. The camera, located on the avenue Narimanov, recorded that the car was moving at a speed of 233 kilometers per hour.
The driver sent a relevant resolution. At the same time the photo shows that he was not even holding hands on the wheel.

“I closed my eyes in horror,” “grab hands behind his head, because I realized this is the end,” “If he will still have to pay, then the carrier can safely send a request for entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the first” Gazelle “, typing speed, which is an order of magnitude higher than permitted by the manufacturer “- ironically in social media commentators.

For driving with the car speed driver fined in the amount of five thousand rubles.

The press service of the regional traffic police told “RG” stated that there was a technical error.

- After the driver filed a complaint against the decision on the administrative case, the developer of the complex “AvtoUragan-SCM” was immediately sent an inquiry about the correctness of the said complex. It turned out that there was a short-term single software glitch in videofiksatsii camera work, which is why the vehicle speed has been determined incorrectly. This information formed the basis for reversing the decision - said the traffic police.

1 August 2016

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