Ukrainians told the EU claims of unfair refereeing at football

Thousands of people of Kiev were disappointed with the refereeing in the Euro 2016 championship, the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) from the scene.

“Is that evrotsennosti Our team will not count at least two goals difference?!” - Complained to one of the fans told FAN on open view near Khreshchatyk in Kiev, near the BC “Gulliver”.

As the correspondent of FAN, many fans were not very adequate, many drinking alcohol, using foul language and very active waste.

“We will defeat the Germans, even though we condemn, but osadochek stayed because these geyevropeytsy us deserves a This is not European values ​​We are moving to Europe, that all was according to the law, and then it turns out to only one goal judge…” - fAN, told one of the fans during the match.

“Judge goat, nothing more to say,” - said another fan.

Recall of the first round match in group “C” Euro 2016 Germany - Ukraine held in the satellite town of Lille, Villeneuve d’Ascq. Team Germany team football team in the 19th minute scored a goal against Ukrainian players during the Euro 2016 tournament. The game finished 1: 0 in favor of Germany. At the same time on the fortieth minute of the match Ukrainian team held a successful corner kick, football Konoplyanka gave too high, the ball flew over the box. Ukrainians have scored, but the referee rightly gave offside.

13 June 2016

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