Friday: Deputy Saakashvili will go on trial for the penises of the Ukrainian flag

In Ukraine, the scandal broke out due to “creative” image of the national flag, which has become a symbol of action “against ArtRevolyutsiya litseMeriya”.


And about. deputy governor of the Odessa region Alexander Borovik became involved in the case of the desecration of the flag of Ukraine. This was stated by Advisor to the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Ivan Varchenko.

He noted that a criminal case was initiated on April 11 after Borovik posted on his page on Facebook “painted flag of Ukraine genitals.” Ukrainian media reported that the way the deputy Mikheil Saakashvili joined the campaign “against ArtRevolyutsiya litseMeriya”.

“He probably thought that such an interpretation of the state symbols of the country carries a high artistic value and is the pinnacle of creativity,” - suggested Varchenko.

Advisor to the head of the Interior Ministry also said that because of the scandal with the Ukrainian flag the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada organized a collection of signatures for the deprivation of nationality Borovik and subsequent expulsion from the country.

Borovik, for its part denied the accusations. “I’m not an artist painting, I was not the organizer of the presentation, I condemn the mistreatment of the flag, and I was the first one to ask the organizers of the performance to remove the picture and to apologize to the prosecutorial Maidan in Odessa” - tried to justify the official.

Attention to the Ukrainian law enforcement Borovik post distorted flag attracted an article published edition of “”. It posted a screenshot scandalous Fortress, as well as official comment. In the course of talking to journalists Borovik argued that “this picture does not shock me more than hypocrisy in the Odessa City Hall.”

However, after repost interested in law enforcement, the deputy governor of the Odessa region sent him, and the publication “” accused of publishing false information. According to him, the screenshot has been created by journalists in the photo editor. The publication denied the charges, calling the original screenshot. In addition, the editorial staff of preserved talk record with the comment Borovik, from which it follows that he knew what repost posted on his page.

15 April 2016

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