And let’s exchange Savchenko on … Alaska!

It seems that mass insanity had spread from Ukraine to Russia. Epidemsluzhba and phytocontrol RF shitty work - fact!

Dear people, who yesterday said - a sentence the same forgetfulness and the way alone at 22 years in length, with the sigh of relief at the fact that, finally, Savchenko topic disappears from the media today for someone to invent its exchange. Thus, once again put on the front pages Savchenko. Paradox.

There are many options. The topic is being discussed. Karadzic? Russian “Grushnik”? All to a man, the political prisoners in Ukraine? One hundred to one? Two hundred to one? A bargain? Rave.

Someone even called Savchenko valuable asset, which can be exchanged almost on the independence of Donbass. Why waste time on trifles ?! Let’s already in the Donbas and Alaska at the same time added to the list.

Surely someone draws a fancy black-and-white scene from the movie “Dead Season”. Gray morning. Bridge. People in cloaks. Black lacquer cars. Comrades, that’s enough!

The trial was conducted Savchenko so that mosquito nose will not undermine. That is to say, in full compliance with Russian law. After the sentence was clearly stated that once again, in accordance with Russian legislation, the Ukrainian side may request the transfer of the convicted in the territory of Ukraine for further punishment.

If the Pilot-naletchitsa and will give Ukraine, it will happen unilaterally. There will be a bridge of “Dead season”. The show, that is. Everything will happen in accordance with Russian law. This enchanting Ukraine wants to continue the feast. I am sure Russia will not give her the satisfaction. There will be, in short, no exchange, which does not comply with the law. And yet, to exchange - is to recognize themselves as party to the conflict.

And to be honest, all the Russian side should take in relation to the exchange Savchenko clear position, so as not to give reasons, which, admittedly, are given. “I am a soldier in the field marshal not change” - something like this position. Otherwise, why he needs this process? To create a Bandera 2 for Ukraine?

26 March 2016

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Ukrainian troops Nadezhda Savchenko wrote a letter of resignation from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in connection with what has become a deputy.

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