Saudi scientists have decided that women - mammals


Yesterday a woman in that country as a prized household items, but its increased rights and now she already possesses the rights of animals. You may need to wait a bit more, and has the following opening of the Saudi scholars do, finally, their people, human[/t[t:tag slug=pravozashhitnik]human rights activists say.

College scholars from Saudi Arabia came to the unthinkable and unprecedented hitherto concluded. They decided that women are actually mammals, and therefore they should be given the same rights that other animals from that class - camels, dromedaries and even goats, according İslaminsesi citing

French news resource Journal de Montreal wrote about this, that centers on women’s rights around the world, making fun of this “anthropological” discovery Saudi scholars say that it is indeed a turning point in history: “Another woman yesterday in this country appreciated not more than household items. Now, however, the woman already has the rights of animals. Earlier in the Arabian woman was a soulless creature, but now it is not. it is, at least, is valued as a camel or a goat. ”

Defenders nadsmehayas over this decision, we also say that Saudi women have to wait a little longer to finally, they, too, felt for the people, and perhaps following the opening of Saudi scientists will reveal to them the way in this direction …

16 March 2016

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