Yatsenyuk spoke about Poroshenko in the “Twitter” in the style of Klitschko

Subscribers Ukrainian prime minister has not been able to understand what is devoted to the strange position in his account.

Ukrainian bloggers joke that some politicians seem to take the lessons of oratorical skill from the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. How else to explain the meaning of the phrase, which last night posted in his “Twitter“, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk?

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The meaning of intricate web statement apparently reduced to relations of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers with President Poroshenko. Some enlightened web users went ahead and were able to deduct between the lines of the thesis ready Yatsenyuk still compete for a parliamentary coalition, which experts were ordered to live long.

Nevertheless, he wanted to tell Yatsenyuk, in fact, until the end remains a mystery.

- I am a partner of the President, if my partner president also wants to see the premiere of a partner - says the post, left politician in the “Twitter” about an hour the night.

12 February 2016

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