“Life in the guise of a peacemaker” - BuzzFeed

Society has accused Obama of creating a handwritten LIH. Is it really so?” - Asks the user the international media portal BuzzFeed in an ironic material about the American president.

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Fresh portion “fotozhab” demativatorov and dedicated personality of President Barack Obama, published on BuzzFeed. The user media portal under the nickname “pepezhepez” gathered the most popular views of the US Americans about the president and his links with international terrorism in its article “Obama: Life in the guise of a peacemaker,” seasoned with his eloquent illustrations.

“Recently,” Islamic State “terrorist organizations joined 34 LIH called.” Richest terrorist in the world “: they sell oil and seize the banks,” - the author writes material.

Source: ridus.ru

By the way, it is the United States LIH child, who are now taking efforts to show the fight against terrorists. This fact is recognized by European leaders. In addition to this Italian journalist shouted John Kerry at a press conference: “This is you have created LIH!”. She was immediately arrested. Later, in an interview with Channel reporters Vice News, Obama said the United States is responsible for the origin of LIH, according to BuzzFeed material.

Source: ridus.ru

“In addition, Turkish President Erdogan is suspected of buying oil from LIH, and at the same time is subject to Obama. You see the connection?” - Asks the author notes.

Source: ridus.ru

“Most Americans do not trust President Obama, and as a result - do not respect him They also do not agree with the award Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, because they did not think that its real purpose is.” World peace “,” - concludes the author material.

10 February 2016

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