Latvian politicians: Trump will give Putin the Baltics, Ukraine and Syria

In the event of coming to power in the United States Donald Trump, he gave his friend Vladimir[t:tag slug=vladimir]Vladimirt:tag], the Baltic States, Ukraine and Syria, this in his Twitter profile written Latvian politician and economist Uldis Osis.

“If Trump will become president of the United States, it will give his friend Putin, the Baltic States, Ukraine and Syria. Others will take a peaceful resolution,” - wrote in the social network policies.

In addition, Osis sneer on Putin, who now has three other, and expressed the hope that the Americans do not go crazy and do not elect the president of Trump. “Putin had two friends - Kim and Bashar. Now, at last appeared, and the third - Donald. We must hope that Americans do not go crazy,” - wrote the policy.

As reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the statement of the applicant for the US presidency from the Republican Party, Donald Trump’s readiness for a deeper level of relations with Russia.

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump said “a great honor” for him a positive assessment.

Previously, the newspaper The New York Times wrote that after Vladimir Putin’s statement about Donald Trump as the leader of the presidential race in the United States, between the two politicians started bromance - a close friend of the two men.

21 December 2015

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