50 reasons why nobody goes to your site

I do not know whether I had to ask permission from Scott Heyfermana (Scott Heiferman) to translate that his belongings, but could not resist not to share it with the general public!

41. It always says something like “tags” and “RSS” and from this they feel stupid

31 March 2006 | permission, public, reason, translate, website

Why does a woman - Joint Stock Company?
Corner Pravdoruba

• Translator not mastered a two-hour speech to the UN Qaddafi. "I can not" - he said, and fainted »»»
Speech by the leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar al-Gaddafi at the UN General Assembly not only significantly exceeded the time limit (2 hours instead of 15 minutes).
• On asshole "(Something like feuilleton) »»»
Identify distinguishing features mudak-s - an extremely difficult task. Sometimes it seems to feel that this man - mudak, but there is no clear understanding of the causes of this feeling, so sometimes some are beginning to feel a sense of guilt mudak-ohms, and thus give him more attention and allow him more than others, but this is totally unacceptable when dealing with mudak-s - it’s like putting his hand into the jaws of a crocodile.
• The famous novel "Moby Dick" be translated into the language of emoticons »»»
Famous product of the largest American Romantic writer Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" has been translated into many languages.
• Even elephants do "SELF" »»»
Amusing incident occurred in the safari park of the English county of Worcestershire.
• "And he did not" - a new meme Runet »»»
LJ-User julia_jj reported the appearance in runet new meme: Many have heard about the movie “Admiral.

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