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Recently, the Internet has started a blog "source" - the Belarusian secret service agent, who worked as an informer in the ranks of environmentalists - the opponents of the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Но и последние не лыком шиты. In the hands of the editorial board of the peaceful atom was exclusive - diary senior official of the Belarusian vertical recruited agents antiatomic coalition. All names of actors to change in order to increase milk yield.

16 September 2009 | agent, campaign, construction, diary, enemy, internet, row, secret service, source

Political Humor: Ukraine. Something about Yushchenko
Good business: Kiev officials illegally accrued a prize of 10 thousand hryvnia and paid for it with a fine of 850 hryvnia.

• Wasserman raskarmanili »»»
The editorial board of "Idea X" with growing concern the speculation about the contents of our pockets.
• Independent activist from South Ossetia arrived in the United States to condemn Georgia. But it felt KGB spy »»»
Lear Tskhovrebova arrived in Washington as an independent activist from South Ossetia to denounce powerful support for Georgia, the United States in the war with Russia, and tell of atrocities by Georgian forces, but the Americans who met with Tskhovrebova did not know about its links with the KGB.
• Drunken Siberian regulate traffic at the police department, dressed policeman »»»
In Novosibirsk, detained an intoxicated resident in a shirt with epaulets and a senior lieutenant of militia in sweat pants.
• Putin: We can not squander public money »»»
Issues of pricing in the construction sector caused sharp criticism from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who on Monday held a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.
• Russia ordered the troops to prepare for war with the United States ("Before It's News", USA) »»»
According to documents circulating in the Kremlin, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian armed forces to prepare for confrontation with U.

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