In the library near Moscow found unidentified Soviet comic about a man-collective farm and the Pioneers mutants

In 1918, the fashion went dark and violent comic books, one of the brightest representatives of which was the magazine "Cheka. With each new number in the comic level of violence increased, and, eventually, murder began to occur on every page.

In the late 20-ies are beginning to fight for printing an audience of villagers, drawing their attention to the release of monthly comics, such as "Man-collective farmer and the Communist world of the future." Action comics moved on 100 years ahead, where a simple farmer can independently test all the charms of a developed communist society.

Released in April 61st comics magazine "Gagarin" asked a new benchmark in the genre of science fiction animated stories.

In the 80th years of recession begins to interest readers of the old comic book heroes, and printer urgently looking for a replacement. But even the ambitious project "Pioneers of mutants, launched in April 86th, was unable to reverse the situation and was closed after the first number.

At which appeared in the 89th year, the collection of funny strips "Gorbert" history of Soviet animated story ends.

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