The Uzbek citizens are not given a passport because of his beard, asking permission to bring a certificate -

Iderzhivayas the Muslim faith, the young samarkandets Abdukhamid (name changed) a beard, looked after her, without thinking about consequences, until applied to the passport office at the expiry of the passport.

Arriving in the passport office in Samarkand, the 25-year Abdukhamid heard from an employee of this department the following statement:

“Bearded for a passport must bring a certificate from the regional department of the clergy that they have the right to wear a beard, or goodbye to her.”

What do the young man turned to the management of the clergy. There, one employee wrote down all of its data, including name, address, phone number, place of work, but in the end said that this certificate may issue only imam area, which is currently in office, no need to come tomorrow.

The next day Aduhamid again came to the administration, it turned out that the Imam again not in the workplace. After repeated pilgrimages in search of the imam, Abdukhamid consult an attorney.

“Wearing Brody - is the prerogative and constitutional right of every citizen - authoritatively reported Abdukhamid lawyer. - The fact that the Passport Office requires a certificate - a violation of law.”

9 March 2010

Silence - gold. Russia’s failed for the Olympic Games in Vancouver, it was painful not only to watch but to listen.
UFOs are not aliens, and the devil …

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