January 21 - International Day of hugs

Hugs strengthen the human immune system.

Not less than 7 minutes a day to hug a person to feel happy.

Children whose parents constantly hug and show affection, grow faster and feel more confident in life compared with those who are deprived of such physical contact.

462 persons simultaneously embraced in 1998 in Winnipeg (Canada). It was the most massive hug in history.

In the United Arab Emirates banned hugging on the streets.

January 21 - International Day of hugs. The holiday started in the 70 years of the twentieth century. It is believed that he came up with a student who was just looking for excuse to embrace his beloved.

Women aged 30-44 years, most of all embrace.

Embracing his “soul mate” for 20 seconds, you can lower blood pressure and levels of cortisol - a stress hormone.

Statistics show that parents are increasingly embracing girls than boys.

20 January 2010

Saakashvili: Russia - a small country situated between two great nations - the Georgian and Estonian
Egor Lupan proclaimed himself king of Ukraine

• The student who gave mittens Putin: "Grandma linked mittens for me, but I have been great, and I decided to pass to Vladimir Vladimirovich" »»»
Fourth-year student of the Chuvash State Agricultural Academy Artem Prokhorov, has presented Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, knitted mittens, calls this act the most unusual in his life.
• In St. Petersburg, the girls beat the boys in hockey. »»»
Christmas Fair at the rink took an unusual hockey game between a team of boys GSDYUSHOR “Peter” and a team of girls born in 2003-2006.
• Catholic University was accused in the absence of a mosque in it »»»
In the United States filed a complaint against the Catholic University of America (”Catholic University of America”).
• 90-year Canadian issue is changing the name because of "too sexual" connotations of the old name »»»
Changing lexical standards forced the administration to the magazine The Beaver, which is produced in Winnipeg under this name for 90 years, change the name.
• Kim Jong Il will save on gifts: birthday gifts bought by the leader of the Chinese market »»»
By long tradition in every birthday of Kim Jong Il not only gets presents itself, but also generously gives it to others.

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