“If you are raped, call me,” I stripped all of its officials “- pearl Archangel officials and politicians

North edition news agency REGNUM News continues its tradition and published on the eve of New Year celebrations rating funny sayings Archangel officials and politicians. We hope that the heroes of our rankings do not take offense to the Editor, and smile with everyone, because the reservation happen at all.

The first place we give the deputy of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly Alexander Dyatlov for his fiery speech on the Law “On Protection of morality …” oblsobraniya at the session: “I do not see some spike in youth crime in the region do not see the need for this law. The only thing we support is drinking alcohol young people on the street, but to prohibit freedom of movement - it is not right.”

The second place we had already given the former head of the regional health department Andrew Krasilnikov for his two statements:

This reduction in funding: “I scraped all of its officials! In addition, our apparatus is reduced to 12 men. It is also necessary to act in the entire field of health, to exclude overlapping functions of various agencies to seek all opportunities for savings.”

On the transition to the new pay system: “No one is forcing you not to forcibly move to this system: If forced, we must understand. If you are raped, call me!”

Third place, we award the governor of the Arkhangelsk region Ilya Mikhalchuk for his statement about the prospects: “Without them (approx. a REGNUM news - without the railway” Belkomur and deep-water port), we would remain a restricted deadlock region.

28 December 2009 | editorial, ia regnum, news, official, politics, rating, statement

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