Turks attacked Yak-MCC-COTU

Turkish Hacker made defeys on http://yaktsuptsop.ru/. I do not know what was there before, but the domain name registered Andrei Borisenko (https: / / www.nic.ru/whois/?domain=yaktsuptsop.ru% 2F). Do not allow the chock to attack the most sacred for the Russian people - YakTsupTsop! Suggest spammed him soap leno7l@gmail.com.

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23 August 2006 | domain man, man

Cthulhu own hands.
In Kaliningrad Championship will take place on throwing keyboards

• Putin Bomb FSB »»»
November 15, 2010 I registered the domain putinvzryvaetdoma.rf January 26, 2011 was closed by hosting with the wording: “site was the subject of investigations conducted by the FSB.
• Launched website partiyazhulikovivorov.rf »»»
Unknown launched the site “United Russia - the party of crooks and thieves” with the domain name “partiyazhulikovivorov.
• Cadre de la journée: Floraison de spam - Kompyulenta »»»
Artiste Alex Dragulescu a décidé d’enquêter sur le spam, mais dans le but de créer des œuvres d’art.
• (The cat threw kittens) WP: The failures of electricity in Ukraine US blamed Russian hackers »»»
American experts believe that the virus, which has caused many hours of power outages in the Ukraine in late December.
• Top-5, when GMail at Down! »»»
It's not often we are encouraged by Google downgraded your mail server, but when it happens all over the planet groaning popular and gnashing of teeth!

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