Do you still want to Moscow? >:)

Many of us, especially those who are born outside Moscow, nurturing thoughts about how to move closer to the center of the Great Feeders All Russia. Someone will be attracted by higher salaries to pay, someone fashion and technology, but all united by one thing - their desire to become the Promised Land (preferably in the area rublefki). Look here, and think again - but is it worth it then? ;)

7 August 2006 | center, fashion, moscow, technology, wish Antimult came to the capital
IT vacation

• Salary president Bank of Latvia's higher salary head of the Federal Reserve System. »»»
In 2007, the salary of the President of the Bank of Latvia Ilmars Rimšēvičs was almost twice the salary the head of the Central Bank of Lithuania, a third higher than the salary head of the Central Bank of Estonia, as well as the salary was more than head of the Federal Reserve System.
• Russians asked Santa Claus to do something with the crisis. And also to give a laptop, motorcycle and mobile phone »»»
The Russians believe that the New Year come true aspiration.
• "NATO will enter into a war with Russia, to defend Latvia. Russia will lose NATO and Moscow understands this." Utopia! »»»
“In the event of armed conflict, Russia will lose NATO and Moscow understands this,” - said in an interview to Telegraph Tatiana Parkhalina, director of the Moscow-based Center for European Security.
• New computer humor »»»
I’m sick of solid retellings of the same jokes on information technology?
• Innovation Skolkovo »»»
Telecast, “What?” Where? “When?” can get a “registration” in the future innovation center in suburban Skolkovo, said Wednesday RIA Novosti source in the fund Skolkovo.

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