Queensberry rules, brutal fight! Faster!

This happens rarely! Developer software department of Cognitive Technologies Companies of Russia Andrei Smirnov in the boxing ring kicked ass pirates to market his company’s soft! When he saw this, he demanded to remove the illegal goods, but, obviously, did not meet with understanding and wrestling. Protecting interrupted a dogfight, but Andrei demanded the continuation of the duel. The venue was chosen as a fitness center, where for three rounds of three minutes Smirnov defeated the pirate on points 24-16! Here …

24 March 2006 | andrei smirnov, battle, company, company, developer, fight, front, market, pirate

Why does a woman - Joint Stock Company?

• Edward Lukasovich: America: dangerous turn »»»
A funny parody of the numerous Western articles written about Russia in the 90s.
• In late summer of 2002 (?) Of the year, I called the personnel department of the company "Connected" »»»
In the late summer of 2002 (?) Of the year, I called the personnel department of the company “Connected”, expressed his desire to work in this company, and was invited for an interview.
• Ukrainians told the EU claims of unfair refereeing at football »»»
Thousands of people of Kiev were disappointed with the refereeing in the Euro 2016 championship, the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) from the scene.
• Yevgeny Petrosyan requires $ 10 million for using his image in advertising from the American Broadcasting Company »»»
In New York attending a hearing on the suit Yevgeny Petrosyan to the U.
• Crisis news »»»
In connection with the crisis … … many of Russia’s Institute of scaling down the program of development of nanotechnologies, the whole country is wide roll back to the old proven microfabrication.

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