The Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningardskoy offer nominate cartoon "First Squad" of the victory over fascism, the pioneers of the State Prize of Russia in the field of art for 2009

The Communists are familiar with the cartoon (animated) movie about the exploits of the pioneers, heroes in the Great Patriotic War, "First Squad".

Rejecting accusations and recriminations of the bourgeois critics, who feared the promotion of pioneer heroism and hit the film hail of criticism, we, on behalf of all communists of Russia Reaffirm, primarily, the authenticity of the events occurring on the screen.

However, the Central Committee of Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region said that a brave and honest scientific and accurate cartoon looks, however, incomplete and underdeveloped because of lack of it, the Supreme Commander Stalin, personally supervised the difficult and heroic work of the 6 th Division paranomalnogo Military Intelligence. There was no General Belov, embarrassingly depicted a syringe and a group of Japanese peace activists as a mentor guys!

It's time to reveal one of the mysteries of the XX century: Stalin fully possessed supernatural powers, was an outstanding occultist, and so it should be depicted in an improved version of the cartoon.

Not bearded wizard to save the Pioneer Nadia from busty fascist diversantok, so similar to the perverse chlenok Estonian Parliament. Helping pioneer in the cartoon is to Stalin - to coat with the collar turned up, with the inevitable pipe, the Supreme must fly, change appearance, change from solid to gaseous state, belch thunder and lightning, pass through walls, pierce with a sword-kladentsom decayed skull Baron Wolf gravely, with a slight accent spell. Let a cartoon Stalin telepatiruet guys tactics and strategy of the battle with the black knights of the SS!

21 October 2009 | cartoon, communist, critic, event, film, region, russia, screen, war

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