Russia specificity demolition

Do you think that the buildings are demolished with dynamite virtuoso bookmarks, and then, as a result of precise mathematical calculations, the building just “sum” for a sunset? Or expect to see good old machine with a ball on a string? As it turned out, our builders a slightly different approach;)

17 July 2006 | building “Prezentuha. Part 4. Final.
William Shakespeare in the understanding of the African tribes

• Most Russians are afraid of the New Year »»»
The proportion of Russians, optimistic about the future, the decline: the end of 2007 a successful and a good coming year for himself and his family had predicted 75% of Russians, this year is characterized by such positive expectations for the half of our fellow citizens (49%), with 37% hope that it will be good, 12% - good.
• Hemorrhoids Beijing or architectural orgasm »»»
Many probably remember the building of China Central Television (CCTV) in Beijing.
• Rambler pinned on by Yandex »»»
We go to the good old Rambler, are putting into the search box the word “prostitute”, click “Find”, and watch the result.
• Fair luxury activists Left Front threw pineapple and hazel »»»
Activists of the movement of the Left Front on Saturday.
• Gas Kiev may stop. Chernovetsky in this case, disable Naftohaz sewer »»»
Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky ready to turn off the drain in the building HAK “Haftogaz Ukraine.

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