“Prezentuha. Part 4. Final.

Nobody is really not expected to attempt to end the epic 278-second vparit Google Desktop abstract Zhyrnym potential customers - “Final”. All points above the “i”, all the corpses in the refrigerators, all the characters - in a notebook Zarazuma.

Bags for bad feel on sharp corners attached.

17 July 2006 | end, final, part, point, refrigerator, trial

Challenges for IT professionals
Russia specificity demolition

• Nine of the evidence of the divine nature of Google »»»
Google is the closest to Omniscience (vsesvedusch), which can be proven scientifically.
• Neuf des éléments de preuve de la nature divine de Google »»»
Google est le plus proche de l’omniscience (vsesvedusch), qui peut être prouvée scientifiquement.
• Neun der Beweis für die göttliche Natur von Google »»»
Google ist der am nächsten an Allwissenheit (vsesvedusch), die wissenschaftlich nachgewiesen werden kann.
• Customers diamond jewelry company threw in the trash »»»
The owner of one of the Dutch jewelry companies in honor of the anniversary of his company decided to make a surprise to customers and sent them a congratulatory letter.
• "And he did not" - a new meme Runet »»»
LJ-User julia_jj reported the appearance in runet new meme: Many have heard about the movie “Admiral.

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