For the first time in the KVN will play online

Members of the World Wide Web will be witnessing a unique telecommunications project - telemosta KVN “100 gigabytes of laughter.” The world’s first experience of inter-city games KVN, using modern technologies in real time the company presented “New technologies for entertainment,” “The Lord Group” and “Uralsvyazinform.

7 June 2006 | company, entertainment, experience, kvn, laughter, mode, technology, witness, world

Maslyakov leaves KVN
How to breed hedgehogs or the consequences are irreversible! “ARE FULL!

• What compose modern jokes »»»
What is an anecdote, which easily makes the absolute in a relative, the top to the bottom, ordinary in a fantastic, impossible in a necessary, but in order to create new myths and hierarchy, but in order to cast doubt on existing?
• Terracotta Warrior »»»
1976, April. From the report of the China Information Agency “Xinhua: Sensation in the world of science.
• Hunting for sponsors Learn »»»
New LJ community nasmeshi. Creating a community nasmeshi - is an unprecedented attempt to introduce the Internet with copyright laws.
• Aliens from the future "can appear in the coming weeks" »»»
In the coming weeks on the earth may appear the first time travelers arriving from the future.
• British researchers found that men think about sex 4 745 times per year »»» British research company conducted a survey of 3 thousand people, to find out how often men and women think about sex.

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