Germany crazy?

Results of parliamentary elections in Germany have puzzled the world community - the vice-chancellor will be appointed very unconventional man

If the American elections can be compared with the epic, Russia - a tragicomedy, the last Sunday in the Germans suddenly found themselves vaudeville. With a playful end as the first in the history of the vice-chancellor homosexual.

28 September 2009 | choice, community, germany, male, mind, result, sunday

Living in Yekaterinburg prepared to present the mayor golden toilet in protest at the growth rates
Drunken Siberian regulate traffic at the police department, dressed policeman

• Two guards were elected in the Kaliningrad region, defeating rival United Russia »»»
In Kaliningrad, two guard-watchman won the elections of deputies of the village council, one of them walked around the opponent-nominee of “United Russia” on 70%.
• Election Day, or corrupted weekend? »»»
Found Habré. The source was removed, so the reference to the cache Yandex.
• Times: German soldiers in Afghanistan found "too fat to fight" »»»
German soldiers in Afghanistan found “too fat to fight,” wrote The Times.
• Winner of the election was sent to the colony the day after he became a deputy. »»»
Former head Toksovo Basil Pakhomov sentenced to seven and a half years in prison a day after he became a deputy.
• Bees under cocaine behave like people »»»
Australian researchers studied the behavior of bees under the influence of cocaine.

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