Saudi scientists have decided that women - mammals

Source: sputnik.az Yesterday a woman in that country as a prized household items, but its increased rights and now she already possesses the rights of animals. You may need to wait a bit more, and

16 March 2016

(With a smile for the world) A woman asked firefighters to crack chastity belt

The Italian lost the keys to the attribute of loyalty A resident of the Italian city of Padua in the province of Venice came Wednesday in the firehouse, where asked to pick the lock on her chastity

18 January 2016

Affected women and children. Immediately hung a map of Syria, which turned out in fact a map of Israel.

"The criminal Putin regime, violating all norms of international law and the UN Charter, bombed schools, kindergartens and places of entertainment LIH, suffered as a result, hundreds of innocent

1 October 2015

Urgent message from Ramzan Kadyrov

The whole world witnessed the tragedy of the people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And lately, and Ukraine. Under the pretext of exporting democracy in these countries are killing civilians

15 December 2014

In the Kursk region has paid a woman to save the imposter son, whom she does not have

54,250 rubles, gave a resident of the city of Kursk region Zheleznogorsk provide the staff of the police imposter for concealing a nonexistent crime, which allegedly involved her son. The scheme

3 July 2012

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