In Vladivostok, bailiffs, together with the debtor's property described his 4-year peeling the cat.

Because the unemployed was completely insolvent debtor began to describe the property. Its a willful defaulter, as it turned out "cat laugh" - in

15 September 2009

Zhirinovsky calls to remove from the State Duma advertising “Coca-Cola” or replace it with advertising LDPR

Deputy Duma Speaker and leader of the Liberal Democrat Vladimir Zhirinovsky demanded to remove from …

3 February 2009

Uzbek - Albanian glossary

Armature-warrior - Terminator Haloxylon-warrior - Pinocchio Internet-bashi - provider Kirdyk cinema - action movie Nah-Poh-bazaar …

12 September 2007 “Prezentuha. Part 4. Final.

Nobody is really not expected to attempt to end the epic 278-second vparit Google Desktop …

17 July 2006

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