Who are the Jedi really. Let’s analyze.

Always hated the Jedi in "Star Wars" are presented as a positive force. It's time to dot the i: - Republic was a republic only in words. In fact, it was a feudal military dictatorship. Senate because

6 November 2015

Funerals for Ukraine

On the motives news news2.ru/story/422290/ In the EU, came again load 200 How to come pohoronok mothers EU so that they were no longer afraid to be silent? For whom or what killed the soldiers of the

30 August 2014

Swiss ordered to stock food and water because of the crisis in Ukraine

Confusion in the minds of the Swiss population caused statement Commander Andre Blattmana Swiss army to prepare for war in connection with the crisis over Ukraine. "We must be alert to any

15 April 2014

People’s Deputy of Ukraine was born 13 years after the “death” of his father

People's deputies from Party of Regions Vadim Kolesnichenko captures or conveys to the distortion of the facts in the stories about his father, who was burned in the tank during the war, although he

1 August 2012

Premier on “Harley” went to the polls, linking nesvyazuemoe

Under the eerie ghoulish songs without voice and music Putin entered the area with bikers. Said “we.” Then show the drummer almost in the form of CC ’s TV that plays music from the movie “Star Wars”

30 August 2011

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