Brain Square: In Lviv parents named the child euromaidan

Kiev propaganda "European" values ​​firmly stuck in the minds of ordinary Ukrainians. In Lviv, the young family named her first child named "Evromadan" after the revolution "gidnosti". This was

25 April 2016

Apple has released a set of politically correct emoticons such as smiley options for families are diverse: You can choose a picture which shows a homosexual couple.

Image Fun smileys that users are so fond of sending various messages, as well as annotated on the Internet, will now become politically correct. Thanks to the new design of Apple for the first time

24 February 2015

Oleg Lyashko vowed to kill Igor Kolomoisky for insulting his mother

The leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko promised to kill the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who was accused of insulting the members of his family

6 October 2014

Sentenced to life in Greek did not return to prison (He was released a few days so that he could spend Christmas with his family)

Sentenced to serving six life sentences Greek terrorist Christodoulos Ksiros not returned to prison from the Christmas holidays, according to Reuters. Police began searching for the fugitive after

7 January 2014

When making decisions, Putin focused on ordinary citizens

“I’m from an ordinary family and I lived very long in this life, almost his entire adult life, except for the last 10 years. I’ve lived as an ordinary normal person, and I have always maintained here

21 March 2011

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