Czech general replied anecdote to the question of the conflict between Russia and NATO

Czech Major General in reserve Hynek Blashko in an interview Parlamentní listy commented on the possible conflict between Russia and NATO and said accompanying anecdote. Reporters reminded the

7 September 2016

Polish Defense Ministry convened a meeting of military exercises in Russia

Polish Defense Ministry on Thursday afternoon convened a meeting of military leaders in connection with the sudden check the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Russia. "In connection with the

25 August 2016

Kiev accused Russia in pursuit of Ukrainian race

Official Kiev has accused Russia of discrimination against members of "Ukrainian race" in the Crimea. The corresponding statement was made on Monday, Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada

23 August 2016

The Parliament did not rule out breaking of diplomatic relations with Russia because of the attack on the Embassy of Ukraine

Recall the night unknown persons threw eggs at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow in response to attack Russian Consulate General in Odessa, right-wing extremists. Verkhovna Rada deputy of Ukraine

11 June 2016

Japanese journalist ridiculed Zakharov of “loss of grip” and a diplomatic gaffe: the internal instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to the newspaper in a newspaper with a very brief “interview not to give!”

"Among Japan's major newspaper publications especially it takes an extreme position, as a nationalist orientation" in their articles she criticizes Russia admits the attacks, "repeated distortion of

3 June 2016

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