From nanoharchey Bryansk pig cracked in half

It does not just collapse - horror ended experiment Bryansk resident of the village who decided to feed pig feed used by one large enterprise of the meat industry. Sow lived himself, singing and

19 July 2016

Woodward suggested in Primorye businessman illegally cut wood for a fee

Forester of the district Chuguevsky, acting out of selfish motives, invited the representative of private enterprise, protecting forest land idle for detecting illegal felling of timber. To silence

30 July 2012

For the enterprise, “Klesovskoe forestry” need a car for garbage collection: Toyota Camry 3.5 A / T (5N): 5 passengers, gross weight - 2.1 tons, Automatic transmission …

The State Enterprise “Klesovskoe forestry” Rivne region has acquired a car Toyota Camry.

Agreement with Agate Auto “was signed on January 18 according to the results of the tender, inform” our money

22 February 2012

Communist MPs attacked the car, “Post of Russia”

“Mail of Russia” has complained to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, the Communist Party, members of which blocked the delivery of international mail, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the

16 November 2011

Milk from Google

Sated with the release of all sorts of gadgets and the purchase of various companies, U.S. corporations began buying Google Inc worldwide food industry. For example, only in the Grodno region will

5 February 2010

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