In Moscow, the unemployed twice failed to steal a car, one of them broke his leg

In the south-west of the capital have detained two men who tried to steal two cars to pass them for scrap, but one of the cars stalled, and on the other they crashed into a pole. The agency "Moscow"

27 July 2016

The Parliament did not rule out breaking of diplomatic relations with Russia because of the attack on the Embassy of Ukraine

Recall the night unknown persons threw eggs at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow in response to attack Russian Consulate General in Odessa, right-wing extremists. Verkhovna Rada deputy of Ukraine

11 June 2016

Zoozaschitniki scuffled with staff restaurant chain Burger King in the center of Moscow.

As told on Wednesday, 25 May, in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" one of the witnesses, it happened after a group of activists came to the corporate office building, to express

26 May 2016

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the Russian embassy and called on Moscow to ensure the protection of diplomatic and consular offices of Ukraine on its territory

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack on a Russian diplomatic and consular offices in the country. "In connection with inquiries of acts of vandalism against diplomatic institutions of

12 March 2016

Police in India have arrested a swearing parrot

Moscow, August 18. Indian police had arrested a talking bird. It is, according to a local resident who regularly abused her, according to "World 24". Police arrested the Indian state of Maharashtra

19 August 2015

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