Employee traffic police stopped the driver: "faced with corruption - pay!"

Not the first month of the Smolny officials offered to citizens to report incidents of extortion and corrupt practices at the hotline. As of July 1, 2009 on the hotline "No corruption!" 323 received treatment, of which 85 were anonymous.

Then the city authorities decided to fight corruption with the help of posters. The city appeared agitation made in the style of windows GROWTH ", calling facing bribery citizens to complain to the Smolny.

However, the number of graft does not become smaller. And the most frequent mzdaimtsami are traffic police officers.

According GAZETE.SPb driver, with which there has recently been the case, he violated the rules of speed limit within the city limits and was stopped by traffic police partulem hiding, as usual, in the roadside bushes. According to the driver - traffic police officer immediately invited him to avoid having to go to the bank, pay the fine and offered to do it on the spot - which is faster and much cheaper.

- And what about corruption? - Asked the driver of a road policemen.
- Is facing corruption - a fee - absolutely not embarrassed responded by traffic police officer, to paraphrase a famous slogan.

"We agreed on 300 rubles" - added a driver.

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This news violates article 46, paragraph 1 of the Federal Law "On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

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Police Chinese city Layshan fined 50 yuan a driver who was driving the car under the dropper.
• 1000 rubles for the rights »»»
History of one hundred percent real - this is me choking with laughter, told the press service of traffic police.
• Drivers Petersburg looking for cameras, which are not. »»»
In St. Petersburg last year were going to install video cameras, through which the traffic police inspectors will record the traffic violation.
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Passengers of a French high-speed train en route from Paris to Brest.
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There is no robbery the car was Commissar of Moscow, told the duty officer of the Office of Information and Public Relations metropolitan police department Maxim Kolosvetov.

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