Czech general replied anecdote to the question of the conflict between Russia and NATO

Czech Major General in reserve Hynek Blashko in an interview Parlamentní listy commented on the possible conflict between Russia and NATO and said accompanying anecdote.

Reporters reminded the military that NATO weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, are located closer and closer to the Russian borders. One of the readers of the newspaper asked whether to fear the worst - the alliance of the conflict with Russia. General responded to this anecdote.

“On the Internet goes an anecdote Obama and his generals in the Pentagon debate and can not agree on when it is best to attack Russia Finally, they asked the French The French say:…” We do not know, but certainly not in the winter. The matter will end badly. ”
Then they decided to ask the Germans. The Germans responded: “We do not know, but definitely not in the summer we tried.”. What to do?
Someone offers to ask China, as he advanced, and always offers new ideas.
They asked the Chinese when it is best to attack Russia? The Chinese answer: “Right now, Russia has begun to build a” Power of Siberia “,” Turkish stream “spaceport” East “, the bridge to the Crimea, and in the near future, Russian want to upgrade the Baikal-Amur Mainline, building new sports facilities for the World Cup and athletics, plan production in the Arctic … Well, now they really need as many prisoners as possible! ” - He said.

Blashko also cited the work of Jaroslav Hasek’s “The Good Soldier Svejk.” Reporters asked the general: in the case of “conventional war with Russia”, can repeat some of the events of the First World War - “a lot of defectors, the creation of so-called legions and other.”

“We have always said the district chief of” patriotism, devotion to duty, self-improvement - this is a real weapon in the war. “I remind you that today, when our troops in a short time will pass through the border,” - quoted in response to General Hasek.

In an interview Blashko also expressed support for US presidential candidate Donald Trump, justifying this by saying that he can not imagine a woman at the head of the most powerful states of the world, after “all that we have experienced with the most powerful woman in Europe”.

7 September 2016

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