(Ukraine has already passed the winter!) Over the summer, Ukraine burned 20% more coal than last winter - Nasalik

Over the summer, burned 20% more coal than last winter. This was in the air “112 Ukraine“, said Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik.

“We have already passed the winter, as the load in June, July and August was 20% more than in the winter of last year. It was a critical period for energy, but we have passed with flying colors. I want to thank the President of Ukraine and Prime the minister who created the crisis headquarters to address the situation, and to date, the Independence day, I can say that the crisis we have been, we have not had rolling blackouts, we did not run oil-gas blocks. we have done everything to ensure that the state was fully provided with energy resources, “- said Nasalik.

News by topic: In the Westinghouse application Nasalika not confirm its plans to build in Ukraine nuclear fuel plant
“In June, July and August, we burn more than 100 thousand. Tons of coal, while in the winter at a temperature of -17 and the more we burn only 70 thousand. T.” - Stressed the Minister.

At the same time, as reported, the Ministry of Energy insists that Ukraine has become a party to the export of electricity abroad.

27 August 2016

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