Polish Defense Ministry convened a meeting of military exercises in Russia

Polish Defense Ministry on Thursday afternoon convened a meeting of military leaders in connection with the sudden check the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Russia.

“In connection with the information on the test of combat readiness of the Russian army on the orders of Defense Minister Anthony Macherevicha convened a meeting with the heads of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Poland, the Military Intelligence Service and the Military Counterintelligence Service”, - informs the press service, reports TASS.
Also, the Polish military attache in Moscow received an invitation from the Russian Ministry of Defence for a meeting on this issue.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Defense to address the Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin announced a new flash test the combat readiness of the Armed Forces. Sudden inspection will last until 31 August. It involved forces of the Southern Military District, part of the troops of the Central and Western regions, as well as the Northern Fleet, Air-Space Forces and Airborne Troops. Testing is carried out in preparation for strategic exercises “Caucasus-2016″, which will be held in September.

On behalf of the Minister of Defense, foreign military attaches Sergei Shoigu, accredited in Moscow, we have been informed of the sudden inspection readiness.

On Thursday morning, the Russian Defense Ministry published the first pictures of sudden check combat readiness of the troops of the Southern, Western and Central military districts.

25 August 2016

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