Ongoing Competition in Rio de Janeiro

Yesterday, our athletes have visited the town of Moldova national team, which they built with their own hands. According to Moldovan athletes, they did not like the hotel in which they lived, and they quickly built their town. Continue and sports. For example today in Rio de Janeiro successfully finished the Armenian team members marathon that started in 2012 in Beijing. In an interview marathon they stated that they are satisfied with the result. And the Russian Anti-Doping Agency has allowed the team to include a gypsy camp. Apparently they just do not realize that the camp can take all the gold in the Olympic Games.

20 August 2016

First of all - “maize”. Latvian Air Force got “pterodactyl” (In Latvian Air Force plane appeared)
Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has forbidden the construction of the pipeline “Nord Stream-2″

• Silence - gold. Russia's failed for the Olympic Games in Vancouver, it was painful not only to watch but to listen. »»»
Silence - gold. Russia’s failed for the Olympic Games in Vancouver, it was painful not only to watch but to listen.
• In the State Duma want to dismiss the head of the Olympic Committee Tyagachev »»»
Head of Russian Orthodox Church Cyril contributed to the first double victory of Russian skiers at the Olympics in Vancouver.
• Statement by U.S. Department of State in connection with the victory of Russia »»»
Department of State: United States did not agree with the results of a hockey game.
• Lukashenko has run away from his security »»»
“Sensation”: The team head of state once again took first place in the relay of the first group of “Minsk ski-2011, which was attended by teams of state and government.
• German skater missed the race because of the phone is switched off, until he simply did not get through »»»
Patrick Beckert missed the opportunity to take part in the Olympic race due to the fact that turned off his mobile phone before the start.

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