First of all - “maize”. Latvian Air Force got “pterodactyl” (In Latvian Air Force plane appeared)

Air Force in Latvia is, and there was no aircraft. Now it is. One. So they grew their wings. However, even by their standards is still not his, but someone else’s. It is so high, “a symbol of Soviet occupation” had not yet ascended to these parts.

All believed that the Latvian Air Force - it’s just a collection of empty sounds. As “la-la-la,” for example, or “Ku-ka-river”. They can only sing under the wing of the aircraft. And someone else. Hinted, they say, born to crawl … and all that. But no. Rather, “An” is. And even two. That is, one An-2. But your own. the first combat aircraft will be a part of the Air Force of the Baltic republic. Before they could only boast of two-three army helicopters and motor vehicles technical support. “Maize”. So what? And in his propeller “breathes tranquility of our borders.”

In fact, breathing. Latvia found still “fabulous” money to breathe life into this “pterodactyl” that gather dust for a long time at one of the airports. Of course, not on the fact that NATO is busy “handsome.” And somewhere out of sight. Who we thought that he was not ashamed to put on public display, “throwing up his camera docile or creating an unprecedented flight.” They say that now they unfold. Looks forward to the implementation of a range of combat missions. Including, presumably, not only rise, but the landing. And landing. In this regard, there are already joking that in addition to “shelving” it would be necessary to create and VDV. And that, she is quite a dozen pull.

Happy as children. They are Americans only watch but to serve their fighters are allowed. Although prepared at 15 years ago, two or three Latvian pilots for the F-15, but close them to the cabin and not admitted. And so you want “poshturvalit” and look at it from above. So they grew their wings. However, if you look, even by their standards it is still not his, but someone else’s. It is so high, “a symbol of Soviet occupation” had not yet ascended to these parts. Born in the USSR “Anna” - she’s also there. But oil on the track of technological progress will not shed. Her patched, subdued, spat, pulled on BBC logo. And this is not a “heavy legacy of the totalitarian regime”, and the pride of the nation.

However, for some reason, in the clutches of birds, much like the bald eagle, a known origin. The emblem of the air forces of the country it is a stray creature holds in its talons the Latvian flag. It turns out that the An-2 - like Latvia itself. Nothing new, except for the coat of arms and the host. And in fact, and in another case, the fact that only in the countryside will fit, trying to make a fighting unit. So-so idea. But the centuries-old dream comes true freedom-Latvian peasant: Still off the ground.

They are now the main thing - to “maize” is not to stop. Progress - so until the very end. You can, for example, to dig into the annals, search the attic, scrape the hangars and dig among other junk any airship. And after this for the fastest response to them all-and will remain that to reinvent the wheel.

13 August 2016

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