Ukraine offered to Iran Iranian oil transit via the Ukrainian pipeline system in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Iran - oil

Iran will consider the proposal of Ukraine on the transit of Iranian oil to the Czech Republic and Slovakia through Ukraine.

This statement was August 2, 2016 g made Iranian Oil Minister Zanganeh B. after talks with the head of Ukraine I. Minenergouglya Nasalikom, a meeting which was held August 1, 2016 g in g Tehran.

It is known that in addition to oil transit Ukraine proposed Iran gas transit through its GTS.

Tehran promised to think.

Also during the visit of the Ukrainian delegation, the officials discussed the possibility of oil supplies to Ukraine.

Despite the fact that the refining capacity of the country are in poor condition, not against Kiev stock up imported oil, the truth which will not know what to do.

On the one hand, the transit of Caspian oil through Ukraine and its supply to Ukrainian refineries can dozagruzit pipelines Ukrtransnafta.

A question from a dozagruzkoy Ukrtransnafta is acute: today power of internal pipelines in Ukraine are used by 14%.

In 2015 Ukrtransnafta retained volume of oil transit through the territory of Ukraine at the level of 2014 - a little over 15 million tonnes.

The main source of income for the Ukrtransnafta - Russian oil transit through the 2nd stage MNP Mozyr - Brody - State Border, which is part of the BNP Friendship.

On the other hand, where Ukraine will do with the oil that nobody recycle?

Today, Ukraine’s imports of oil products exceeds 85%.

Of the oil that we produce is not enough to have at least 1/4 of load power only operating refinery in Kremenchug.

And the story itself is about the fact that Ukraine is going to do the transit of oil from Iran raises a smile from many who are familiar with the situation.

In late April 2016 I. Nasalik at a meeting of the Ukrainian government said that the main oil pipeline (MNP) Odessa - Brody - the best logistics for Iran’s oil transportation to Europe.

However, the fate of the Odessa-Brody ISPs or the Euro-Asian Oil Transport Corridor Project (EOTC), by extending the BNP to Poland has long rested in the Bose.

In addition, with regard to the gas, Ukraine is trying to play the muscles in an attempt to portray the importance of the country as a transit country.

This is understandable, because in the background of the fact that the country can stay with their old and requiring the GTS modernization of transit and without tools, the picture is unpleasant.

3 August 2016

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