From nanoharchey Bryansk pig cracked in half

It does not just collapse - horror ended experiment Bryansk resident of the village who decided to feed pig feed used by one large enterprise of the meat industry.

Sow lived himself, singing and prihryukivaya. However, she did not suspect anything about the additives that are used in feed for livestock. And there are hundreds, if not thousands, and all should be used wisely. Or even better not to apply.

The owner sow working on too greasy progressive enterprise sector, has decided to take home a few kilos “nanokorma” to regale the pig as modern science tells the World Trade Organization and competition. Since then, and began tragicomic story.

- Immediately after the first portions of the pig was spread before our eyes, - said the owner Nikolai “Bryansk news.” - I was delighted. Feed her a few days, she even did not eat all the supplements, but swells like a balloon. Then I got scared. A few days ago I saw a pig just snapped, like a watermelon - right along the ridge. I could not believe that this is possible.

Sutured skin of the host did not - just stabbed an experimental animal, realizing that the experience failed. Specifically, over so as I was. The entire village was shocked: There are still a pig is not cracked. Probably would have been shocked and buyers that the market pig dismantled piece by piece, if they knew that the victim purchased the experiment. But we do not know.

Experts say that it is dangerous is the forced introduction of supplements or a bad choice.

- To correct the calculation needed laboratory research - said “Bryansk news” veterinarian Alexey Nikiforov. - Are there any prohibited additives. For example, ractopamine, which is found in pork, which is imported from America. After eating in some people there were signs of poisoning.

19 July 2016

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