NATO sent a company of mountain shooters in plain Estonia

This year Estonia will visit two companies of 231 Mountain Rifle Battalion 23 Mountain Brigade of Germany. This was reported by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia.

This week, at the port of Paldiski has arrived heavy machinery company Mountain Rifle Battalion of the German armed forces and a small first group of soldiers. German mountain arrows will be placed in the military town of Tapa. Their goal - the study of the natural landscape of the Baltic republic and participate in military exercises. The exercises are paid jointly by the military authorities in Germany and Estonia.

Estonian media have called it the most absurd NATO operation in the history of the alliance.

“Perhaps NATO generals are confused Baltic States with Switzerland Mountains in Estonia and there is a scientifically established fact.” - According to local media.

Recall that the highest point in Estonia is Suur Munamägi Hill, whose height is 318 meters. At its top is an observation tower.

“Maybe that’s it - the” mountain “, and then the observation tower are going to take swift climbing assault brave huntsman German?” - Questioned by journalists.

13 July 2016

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