Kiev admitted the Russian gas price attractiveness of the European

Price of Russian gas, which “GazpromUkraine offers to the third quarter of 2016, “slightly lower” prices offered by European suppliers, the head of “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andrew Kobolev at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday.

“The price of” Gazprom “is now slightly lower than the price of European suppliers” - quoted Koboleva “Interfax-Ukraine”. At the same time, he noted that there is a tendency to reduce the cost of gas to the European markets.

Kobolev also noted that as of July 7 “Gazprom” has not signed an additional agreement to the contract of 2009, which would allow “Naftogaz” to buy gas in the third quarter, UNIAN. According to him, if the “Gazprom” does not offer favorable conditions, “Naftogaz” will not buy gas from the Russian holding.

The representative of “Gazprom” on the time of publication did not respond to a request to RBC.

In late June, the head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller said that the holding company offers Ukraine a price of $ 167.57 for 1 thousand. Cubic meters. meters of gas in the third quarter (the second quarter of the price was $ 177). Miller said that this cost is calculated according to the formula of the contract of 2009. “The price is lower than in the gas trading platforms in Europe, buying Russian gas for Ukraine is beneficial,” - stressed Miller.

The real price for Russian gas will be higher, he responded by Andrew Kobolev. “P otomu that there is a formula in which the contract [former Prime Minister Yulia] Tymoshenko laid calorie”, - explained the Ukrainian top manager. The real price of Russian gas for Ukraine in the third quarter, he said, will be $ 172-175 per 1 thousand. Cubic meters. m.

Kiev stopped buying Russian gas in November 2015, saying that gas imports from Europe cheaper than buying directly from the “Gazprom”. In June, “Naftogaz Ukraine” has sent a letter to “Gazprom” with a request to sign an additional agreement to the contract, which will allow “Gazprom” to return to the circle of potential suppliers of the Ukrainian company. At the same time Ukrainian company stressed that its position remains unchanged: the purchase of gas from “Gazprom” is possible if the Russian company will offer a price lower than the European suppliers.

After that, the head of the Russian Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak called “comfortable” and the corresponding market conditions, the price of gas $ 177 per 1 thousand. Cubic meters. m. “Naftogaz Ukraine” has refused to buy gas at this price, noting that the price of gas in Europe at that time was “less than $ 173.” “Therefore, we in such conditions, gas from” Gazprom “buy generally will not buy All the necessary gas to the European market with the benefit of this we are now no problems there..”, - Said director of development Yuri Vitrenko Ukrainian business.

7 July 2016

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