When you come into Twitter after “Brekzita”. Mir explains at GIFCA

After the announcement of the election results on Twitter appeared hundreds gifok that, according to the authors, most impressively illustrate “Brekzit”. “Medusa” has chosen the best of them.

#brexit in a GIF pic.twitter.com/VYwsQPa9Y6 - Adam Khan (@Khanoisseur) June 24, 2016

Brexit in a single gif. pic.twitter.com/HBQKT6FwLI - Luke Bailey (@imbadatlife) June 24, 2016

#Brexit - The GIF. pic.twitter.com/s1UUldZR4h - Moritz Deutschmann (@MoDeutschmann) June 20, 2016

#Brexit In one gif. pic.twitter.com/zUq8sKWQkE - Christian Odendahl (@COdendahl) June 24, 2016

My understanding of #Brexit pic.twitter.com/xOgLdY8XcE - Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) June 24, 2016

Live coverage of the #Brexit celebration pic.twitter.com/zHm7pqQQN5 - Blaine Gibson (@BGibbles) June 24, 2016

Stock markets are taking a beating like … #Brexit pic.twitter.com/xC4uJ4LQK9 - Tyrion Lannister (@GoT_Tyrion) June 24, 2016

Would you say this adequately sums up the #Brexit guys? pic.twitter.com/oi5uCu9AQz - Chris Demarais (@ChrisDemarais) June 24, 2016

“Yeah! The vote passed! High five everyone!” #Brexit Pic.twitter.com/EB47tUC7nF - Chris Demarais (@ChrisDemarais) June 24, 2016

UK politicians after #Brexit pic.twitter.com/GDDDW8zMH7 - Eloise Lyons (@_Eloise_Lyons) June 24, 2016

Meanwhile in Buckingham Palace … #Brexit #ByeByeUKEP #UK #ReinoUnido pic.twitter.com/jEcIeJbR9l - María (@mariayglez) June 24, 2016

Vladimir Putin watching the British Referendum result. #EUref Pic.twitter.com/wMy2ateXsO - Only In Russia (@CrazyinRussia) June 24, 2016

Waking up and seeing Boris and the Brexit boys won. #EURefResults Pic.twitter.com/XP0G3DwxGL - Bhuna (@Ewan_McKellar) June 24, 2016

David Cameron’s speech in full pic.twitter.com/62mySEcPhc - Paul Morris (@lordofmisrule) June 24, 2016

The entire world watching #brexit: pic.twitter.com/qKGImKnTaz - Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 24, 2016

Going on Twitter after #brexit: pic.twitter.com/0d07aGYPge - Denham Sadler (@denhamsadler) June 24, 2016

24 June 2016

Savchenko told about the wonderful time with your escort: they sang songs with me, and shared food and cigarettes
Rada Speaker is convinced that the Ukrainian Navy returned to Crimea in the country

• Japanese top managers moved to Crimea for "nyashno Poklonskaya" »»»
In social networks discussed translations of Japanese media reported before
• Russian mat McCain convinced that Putin - his Twitter follower »»»
John McCain, U.S. Senator: I have 1.8 million subscribers, and it's @ SenJohnMcCain.
• An army of 14,000 dead called to serve in the United States. Cause curiosity became mistake that an employee of the local recruiting office, which introduced the database query "93-97" instead of "1993-1997" »»»
In the U.S. state of Pennsylvania more than 14 thousands of men born from 1893 to 1897, sent a summons to the recruitment office, reports GMA News.
• Finally, a reason to appeal to the Prime Minister. And then everyone was asked, I'm not a native. »»»
Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! (By the way, I really respect you.
• Vanga predicted the bombings in Fukushima »»»
In the last year of life of Wang left people the revelation of the nuclear catastrophe that has befallen mankind in the year.

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