Savchenko told about the wonderful time with your escort: they sang songs with me, and shared food and cigarettes

Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadezhda Savchenko said that during his detention in a Russian prison guards treated her kindly. She said this on Thursday, June 23, in an interview to television channel TSN.

“In Rostov We had a wonderful escort them sang Ukrainian songs, they understood me in Ukrainian, shared meals with me, and there were no problems with the cigarettes Everything was great..”, - Said Savchenko.

According to her, in Moscow’s convoy were “good guys, funny as all soldafony”. “We are with them to find a common language, until one day one said:” Speak in normal language, we churbanskom do not understand, “I then exploded and told the chief of the convoy that if he can not keep his flock in the framework, then it will be responsible for it. as an officer, “- she said, adding that the guards after the conflict had problems.

June 22 Savchenko said that economic sanctions against Russia should be phased out, as they suffer from “ordinary people in Russia and Europe.” Restrictions, in her opinion, should be more personal.

Earlier in June, Ukrainian troops admitted that Russia and Ukraine can become “good neighbors”. “So many families, a lot of mixed blood, and all the rest, but let’s be good neighbors than bad brothers I believe that this is possible.”, - She said.

Senior Lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Savchenko was detained in Russia since July, 2014. During the investigation several times servicewoman declared a hunger strike. In March, a court in the Rostov region sentenced her to 22 years in prison for the murder of Russian journalist Igor Korneliuk and Anton Voloshin and the attempted murder of their colleagues. In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned her at the request of relatives of the victims.

23 June 2016

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It seems that mass insanity had spread from Ukraine to Russia.

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